(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Seven French lawmakers on Tuesday withdrew support from President Emmanuel Macron’s party La Republique en March (LREM). Macron’s party then lost its absolute majority in the lower house of parliament. In France’s 577-member parliament, the number of MPs of his party has now increased to 288 while the majority needs 289 seats. However, it is said that there will be no crisis in the government. According to political analysts, Macron still has the support of two political allies.

President of France Emmanuel Macron
President of France Emmanuel Macron

Two leaders of the ‘Centralist Alliance Party’ and ‘Center Right Party the Republican’ are in favor of Macron. These two parties have a total of 56 seats in the National Assembly. There is also a possibility that a pro-Macron MP should be included in the LREM. In such a situation, the party will again come into majority.

MPs who leave Macron will form their new party

The MPs withdrawing support have announced to form their new party Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity. It will have a total of 17 MPs. It will include seven MPs leaving Macron’s party, as well as 9 former LIREM members and MPs from another party. Members of the group have expressed a desire to work on environment and social equality. It will be the ninth political group in the current parliament of France. These MPs have said that they will not support either the government and the opposition.

What was the reason for leaving the macros together?

MPs leaving the LREM were not happy with the way Macron worked. These MPs claim that Macron’s party did not fulfill its promise to take everyone along. The party did not even try to overcome old political differences. The MPs who left the party were from the left wing of the party. They also say that Macron’s attitude has changed and he is more inclined towards right wing. These MPs will have the advantage of leaving the party, that they will now sit in Parliament as an official group. Earlier, he used to be present in the House as an independent MP. There will be many special rights and status if there is an official group.

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