5G network connectivity has reached the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Chinese Telecom company and Huawei have both collaboratively set the highest 5G tower.
5G connectivity has been reached the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest. Chinese Telecom company and Huawei have both collaboratively placed 5G tower on this Highest peak of Himalayan.
Mountaineers will get better network connectivity due to the installation of this tower even in extreme conditions.
1.7 Gbps internet speed will be provided by there installed tower.
China Mobile has put this site in the delight of China’s two important achievements. China has developed this on the completion of 60 years on the success of its Everest mission and 45 Years of the height measurements of this peak.
Huawei Mobile has built this highest 5G mobile tower in 5 base stations. It has set up at Base Camp (5,300m), transition camp (5,800m), and Forward Camp (6,500m).
Huawei has developed this site for a unique case study. According to the company’s claims, this base station’s power has 20 times more than the traditional base station’s power. This base station can deliver 1.7 Gbps downloading speed and uploading speed of up to 215Mbps.
Apart from Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, and Cisco are also working with telecom service providers around the world for 5G services.

5 G
5 G

5G i.e., the fifth generation’s network technology provides 10 times better connectivity to currently available 4G networks. It works on MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) technologies, due to which continuous connectivity is available even at low latencies. Huawei has built a base station on Mount Everest because it is not possible to build a conventional base station in an urban environment. Of data from this base station, multiple beams can be tracked to the user by sending them to the antenna.

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