– Rishitha Jaladi (Intern Journalist)

She gives life, shares love, reduces pain, and works hard. 

She is a daughter, sister, girlfriend, Best friend, wife and a mother,

She works, cooks and cleans but never earns a penny in return,

we often fight but she’s concord,

we argue and she gives in,

we shout but she’s calm,

we cry and she’ll pacify,

And, I agree that we neglect her, ignore her, and hurt her…

but deep inside we do know that she can never stop loving us.

But what actually is she getting in return???

she is raped, Harassed and tortured!

we abuse and she’s devastated,

we say she’s nothing without a second thought,

we mean the world to her but we behave as if she has never ever existed.

we say she’s is a headache, useless and what not?

But she is a champ!

Brave, Smart, Strong and Powerful.

And, I call her a “Woman

She does the world’s difficult job- managing a house…and maybe that’s why they say “men build Houses…but women make Homes”

And I believe, every man is strong because a strong woman raised him!

Sad Woman
Sad Woman

Women don’t need our sympathy, they need our respect and we owe them that respect!

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