(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Lockdown was necessary because of the Coronavirus in the country, but the workers of India had to suffer the most from this. Crores of migrant laborers were on the streets, where they violated the lockdown to go home due to lack of food. Many claims were made by the states to take care of these laborers, but in front of politics, all the work done for the laborers was useless. Now, where many petitions in the Supreme Court have been fixed for the migrant laborers and the accountability of the Center has been fixed, some states are coming forward to work for the laborers. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has prepared a scheme for his people in the state, in which employment will be given to those who have become unemployed. The name of this scheme is- Rojgar Setu Yojana.

The CM further alleged that they have planned a scheme called ‘Rojgar Setu’ in which they are making a list of skilled laborers in every panchayat. After this, they will make ‘Rojgar Setu’ a labor platform, in which efforts will be made to put the work in the way they know. He further said that they have decided that if a laborer goes to work in outside states, then the complete list of them will remain with them, for this they are giving instructions to the collectors. They want to take proper care of people from different provinces as well.

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