(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Liquor sales will be started soon in malls of Uttar Pradesh. The Excise Department has issued an order in this regard. But drinking alcohol will not be allowed in malls

Lucknow: Now liquor will also be available in shopping malls of Uttar Pradesh. Order for this has been issued from the Excise Department of the Government. Till now, foreign liquor was sold only in retail shops and model shops.

According to this order, the price of alcohol found in malls will have to be paid more. However, the sale of alcohol will not mean that alcohol can also be consumed there. There will be a complete ban on the consumption of alcohol in malls and it will be strictly followed.

In Uttar Pradesh, liquor has been allowed to be sold in shopping malls. In a press note issued by the Excise Department, it has been said that the sale of expensive foreign liquor, beer, and wine, etc. will start inside the shopping malls.

The sale of alcohol was banned in the lockdown enforced to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection. However, with the start of the third phase of lockdown, the sale of liquor was allowed from May 4.

The government had given permission to open contracts with social distancing after about one and a half months. Currently, the fourth phase of lockdown is going on and it will end on 31 May. During this time no permission has been given to open shopping malls, but the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has given permission to open a wine shop inside the malls.

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