(Kajal Singh intern journalist): A 12-year-old innocent child had to stay in the park for two months due to the lockdown. Parents who went to the village for important work could not return on time and they could not stay at the relative’s house because their attitude was not right.

New Delhi: A laborer family of Delhi had to go to their home in Bihar before the lockdown. The parents left their 12-year-old son Vishal in Delhi because he was tempted. But due to the bad behavior of relatives, Vishal left his home and came to live in a park in Dwarka with some dogs. In the park, Yogita used to come to feed the dogs of the street and seeing the child sitting in the park every day, she wanted to know one day why this child is sitting in a lonely mid-afternoon despite lockdown.

Yogita tells that I used to go to the street to feed dogs, this is where I saw this child. I asked him why don’t you go home, he said that his house is far away in the village and he lives here. The child said that due to an examination on March 19, his parents left him to relatives in Delhi and went to Bihar to complete his important work.

But a nationwide lockdown was declared from 22 March, due to which parents could not come to take their son back from Samastipur in Bihar for a long time. So the child remained in the park for about two months, until Yogita came to help him.

The woman updated on Instagram to help the child and posted the post saying “Vishal is a very good-natured and generous child who met me in the park and helps me feed the dogs.”

Through her Instagram page, the woman also asked for financial help for the child and her family and requested people that Vishal’s father’s job has gone away due to lockdown, so you are requested to help the child and his father to the best of his ability. Do. Sneha was impressed after reading this post, who decided to send the child home as soon as possible with the help of the police. The woman said that “Sneha contacted me and we started fighting hard to get the child home.”
With the help of Odisha cadre IPS officer Arun Bothra and IPS officer Sanjay, the child’s parents were called from Delhi and managed to send the child back home along with the family.

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