(Kajal Singh intern journalist): There was a stir in the Noida Authority office on Monday morning when there was a fire in the Industrial Accounts Department. The fire was reported to the fire department after which the fire was controlled.

Noida: A fierce fire broke out in the Industrial Accounts Department office of the administrative building of Noida Industrial Development Authority located in Noida Sector 6 on Monday morning. Thousands of files were destroyed due to fire. Noida Authority Chief Executive Officer Ritu Maheshwari has formed a 6-member committee to investigate the fire incident. This committee will submit its report within a week.

Burning thousands of files
Chief Fire Officer, Arun Kumar Singh said that it was reported at 8:45 am on Monday that there was a fire in the administrative building of Noida Authority. After getting information about the incident, 6 Trucks of fire brigade reached the spot and overcame the fire after three hours of hard work. Thousands of files have been destroyed due to fire.

Office was closed
Arun Kumar Singh said that the office was closed due to the Eid holiday and there was no public loss due to this. The fire department is assessing the damage caused by the fire. The Authority has been in a lot of controversies in the past about corruption. Even before the Noida Authority, many important files have disappeared. Noida Authority officials are investigating the matter after taking all aspects into consideration.

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