pollution in Delhi
pollution in Delhi

(Satya Havilah, Intern Journalist) New Delhi: More than 430 structures in north Delhi have been recognized as constructions under high-hazard classification over the most recent year, as indicated by the territory’s urban body.

North Delhi Mayor Jai Prakash said on Friday that the NDMC over the most recent year has given notification to proprietors of 650 structures to present their primary review reports to guarantee seismic dependability of the structures, which were built preceding 2001 or which are in a feeble condition.

Moreover, 438 structures have been set in the high-hazard class, which incorporates structures that living spaces bigger number of individuals or guests or houses social affairs, such as tall building structures, universities, local area lobbies, meal corridors, clinics, schools, he said.

Proprietors of such structures are offered notification to give the primary dependability review report, so the real number of delicate or stable structures can be distinguished, Mr. Prakash said.

In the notification gave by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), the design’s review report alongside the current structure plan must be submitted within 30 days from the date of giving, the metro body said.

The NDMC has recognized 2,156 structures till February 10, 2021. Primary review of 66 structures have been done, 16 structures have been obliterated, and one structure has been retrofitted, it said.