Over 300 crore liquor sold on the first day in Uttar Pradesh
Liquor shops are also exempted in lockdown phase 3
55 thousand liters of liquor worth 6.5 crores sold in Lucknow People opened after 43 days when the shops opened, the goods finished at 7 pm

Lucknow: Wine shops opened after the concessions in Lockdown 3. According to Liquor Traders, on Monday, UP sold more than Rs 300 crore (300 Crore wine sale in UP). Liquor sale in Lucknow sold for over 6.5 crores.
The city of Lucknow, which was facing the third phase of the lockdown, was seen changed since Monday morning. People started walking on empty streets from seven in the morning. Some bags were taken with a carry bag and headed to the liquor store. The shopkeepers had also made complete preparations. Lime was cordoned off with shells and ropes. As soon as the shutters of the shops opened at ten o’clock, people broke down to buy liquor. There was no problem of holidays, so people brought money by adding the price.

Aliganj, Mahanagar, Hasanganj, Hazratganj, Thakurganj, Kaiserbagh, Alambagh, Sushant Golf City, PGI, Kakori, Mohanlalganj, Gomtinagar, Vibhutikhand, Chinhat and many other places were in the line before eight o’clock. In many areas, the line was half to one km long. The police had to struggle hard to get social distancing done. In Narhi, DCP (Central) Dinesh Singh had to get down with a stick. In many places, people flouted the rules.
Sales of over Rs 300 crore
According to liquor traders, in UP, liquor, and beer sold over Rs 300 crore on Monday. Liquor worth over six and a half crores sold in Lucknow. Kanhaiya Lal Maurya, general secretary of the UP Liquor Seller Welfare Association, said liquor worth more than Rs 5 crore was sold on Monday in a dozen districts like Gautam Budhnagar, Muzaffarnagar, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, Prayagraj.

One kilometer long line in Delhi
Now only 1 bottle at a time
After 43 days the shops opened, people started buying large quantities of liquor to stock. After getting information about this, the Excise Department fixed the limit. According to the fixed limit, a person will be given a bottle of 750 ml, two half or three quarters in a day. Only two bottles of beer or three cans of beer can be purchased at a time. However, with the knowledge of this order, most of the shops had run out of liquor and the shops were closed before 7 pm. Due to the faster sales, the goods were exhausted in many shops while the goods were not released from the wholesale shops.

Social distancing
The decision to open a liquor store was made on certain terms and conditions. If they are being violated, its message is not good. In a situation when children’s copy-book shops are being kept closed in the market to maintain social distance, the fair held at liquor shops is scary.

The government will have to take strict action on this.
Private offices will also open from May 6 Now private offices will also open from May 6. With conditional permission from the district administration, the operators will be able to open their offices from 7 am to 7 pm with 33% of employees. Private offices will remain closed in hotspot areas. DM Abhishek Prakash said that the form for permission will have to be filled and submitted to the office of ADM LA-2 at Lalbagh.

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