what was the reason
In India, there is an entry of Remove China app amid the atmosphere turned against China. The task of which was to identify the users and leave the Chinese app from their mobile. Simply, the Remove China App used to delete applications developed in China. But while removing the Chinese app, now the Remove China App itself has been displaced from the Google Play Store. Google said the Remove China App was found to be in violation of the company’s Deceptive Behavior Policy. Meaning the Google Play Store does not allow an app to change the device settings of users. Overall, Google does not approve removing or disabling or modifying third-party apps on the Play Store. Doing so comes under the company’s verification security service. However, smartphone users, who have installed it will be able to use it.

Remove China App has more than 5 million users in India. This app has been very popular in India in the past. It has been developed by the Indian firm OneTouchLabs. It was launched only last week. The reason behind this was the removal of the Chinese-made app from the Google play store. The entry of this app also happened at a time when there was a situation of tension between India and China.
In such a situation, this app got a lot of opportunities to be famous. Let us know that recently TikTok’s rival app Mitron was also removed from Google play store. Mitron App was also exposed to the threat of users’ data alleging breach of the privacy policy and privacy policy was not uploaded by the app developers. It was only postponed by Google taking action against the Remove China App.

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