Suparna Ghosh (Intern Journalist): Last year, marking this day, Rohit Sharma proved to be a blessing in disguise for team India back in the 2019 World Cup, with England hosting it for the fifth time and for Wales, it happened to be the third time. Looking back at his commendable performances, it is time to truly acknowledge him.

Rohit Sharma

A total of 648 runs was scored by Rohit Sharma, marking his finest onset and also at the same time breaking Sourav Ganguly’s 16-year-old record. Praises and applauds were coming from fans and cricketers, giving him an upright boost. Sharma and KL Rahul were the splendid batsman duo that was just needed to lock horns with Bangladesh, giving them their toughest time in the match. India had a glorious victory against Bangladesh, with all smiles on the faces of India supporters. The duo was credited with total 180 runs, inviting honor and admiration from the stadium in Birmingham. The 33-year-old achieved remarkable centuries, hence making the matches a treat to watch.

Not only breaking records of Sourav Ganguly, former Indian Captain and currently the President of BCCI but also this man with his immensely outstanding performance equaled Kumar Sangakkara’s world record for the most hundred in a single world cup edition. This man of confidence never failed to give chills down the spine. On this day, when India was thoroughly celebrating its win against Bangladesh, Rohit Sharma had kept the whole world in awe, hence bagging the ‘Man of the Match ‘

Besides this, back in 2014, Sharma was seen playing against Sri Lanka in a one-day international match, and very superiority opted for the world record of highest individual score of 264 by a batsman ever. Needless to say, Rohit Sharma is a true gem to have for the Indian Cricket team.

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