(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): Mathura. Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is the ancient city of India. From here ancient remains of 500 BCE have been found, which prove its antiquity. In that period, Shursen used to be the capital of the country. In mythological literature, Mathura was addressed by many names. Shri Krishna was born in the prison of Mathura. Father’s name Vasudev and mother’s name Devaki. Both were put in prison by Kansa. In that period the king of Mathura was Kansa, who was the maternal uncle of Shri Krishna. Today it is famous as a religious tourist place.

More than 5000 temples-Let us know that Mathura has its own place on the table of the world and this city is identified as Lord Krishna’s birthplace and Radha Rani’s Raas site. In this city, which has its own identity as a city of religion, there is a temple in every house. But apart from the major temples, more than 5000 temples belong to different sects. Radhe’s name is resonant day and night in Mathura Vrindavan. During the day people are absorbed in the devotion of God, while at night, Lord Nidivan himself brings Radha’s name to life with Radha.

Apart from the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura also has a separate identity for Peda. The sweets here go to foreign countries other than India. The sweetness of this city which has the identity of the city of religion. Where it is maintaining its position across the country. At the same time, Mathura has also identified itself as the biggest silver market in Asia.

Cotton saree’s distinct identity-Along with the sweetness and glow of religion, Mathura is also keeping a separate identity in the commercial form. The way the Surat city of Gujarat holds its identity for sarees. Similarly, there is a big business of cotton and cheap sarees in Mathura. The saris made here go to the poverty areas of India along with Surat.
The temple of Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi, Pothara Kund, Kankali Temple, Dwarkadhish, Vishram Ghat, Yamuna Maharan, Bhuteshwar, Rangeshwar Galateshwar, Gokarnanath Mahadev is present in Mathura. It is a place associated with all Krishna’s lalaas, whose description is found in the scriptures.

Major temples and population of Mathura-Apart from Vrindavan, Radha ji’s Shri ji temple in Barsana, Krishna Balarama’s temple in Nandgaon, Krishna temple in Gopal’s childlike form, temple of Lord Krishna’s elder brother Dauji Maharaj and mother Revathi in Baldev, Girraj’s temple in Govardhan And Parikrama, there is a temple of Kokila Van Shani Dev in Kosi. The population of Mathura city is around 30 lakhs.

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