Lawyers for the Trump administration have requested the publication of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book to stop publication. He argues that Bolton has caused trouble by taking the decision to publish his book without getting the final approval. He did not take approval that the book did not contain confidential information. However, counsel appearing for Bolton called the government’s request unrealistic and impractical, especially since copies of the book have already been released to major media institutions and it has been in the news.

US District Judge Royce Lamberth refused to give an immediate verdict and asked for more information related to the case. The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to stop the release of the book ‘The Room Where It Happens’ next week. The department argued that the book contained confidential information that could harm national security and said Bolton had not completed the review process prior to publication of the book.
Let us know that Bolton claimed in his book that US President Donald Trump had sought China’s help to win the election. Not only this, but he also lured to stop the criminal investigation against the leaders of China. Trump, however, called the book a bundle of lies. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo also denied the information given in the book.

Also in the book, Donald Trump has been accused of a dirty act and Bolton has not described Trump as worthy of the post of President. At the same time, Pompeo on Thursday called John Bolton a ‘traitor‘. Pompeo said in a statement, ‘It is both tragic and dangerous that John Bolton’s last public role is that of a traitor who harmed America by violating a sacred trust with his people.

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