(Juhi Aishwary, Journalist): Embattled alcohol aristocrat Vijay Mallya, who is battling against his removal to India, on Thursday requested that the administration acknowledge his proposal to reimburse 100% of his credit duty and close body of evidence against him.

While saluting the Indian government over the 20 lakh crore financial bundle, Mallya regretted that his rehashed proposals to reimburse his duty have been disregarded.

Congrats to the Government for a COVID-19 help bundle. They can print as much cash as they need, however, should a little giver like me who offers 100% restitution of State possessed Bank credits to be continually overlooked he said in a tweet.

Mallya, an advertiser of the outdated Kingfisher Airlines, who is needed in India over supposed misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance charges adding up to evaluated 9,000crores, added, “Please take my cash genuinely and close.”

Not long ago, Mallya had documented an intrigue in the UK Supreme Court in the wake of losing an intrigue in the London High Court against a removal request to India on supposed charges of extortion and tax evasion identified with unrecovered credits to Kingfisher Airlines.

Before, Mallya had tweeted that he had offered to pay 100% of the sum obtained by Kingfisher Airlines to the banks yet neither banks were happy to take the cash nor the Enforcement Directorate was eager to discharge his connected resources at the command of the banks.

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