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On Twitter, it was trending ‘religiously certified’ for several hours on Wednesday. The campaign is led by activists who have successfully campaigned against American food-chain company McDonald’s forcing their consumers to eat halal meat secretly. They have demanded from the Union Ministry of Food and Supplies that the way the government has allowed companies to put ‘halal certified’ on their products for Muslims, in the same way, ‘religiously certified’ stamping on packets of vegetarian food is also allowed. The biggest thing is that this campaign has also been supported by BJP leader Subramanian Swami. In such a situation, let us know what happens in ‘Halal Certified’, due to which some people have been forced to make such demands.
These days, ‘religiously certified’ is trending heavily on social media. Through this, a signature campaign is being demanded from the government that just as the sale of ‘halal certified’ things has been allowed in the country for years, in the same way vegetarian or satvic food should also be recognized for Sanatan Dharma. . On Wednesday too, ‘religiously certified’ trended vigorously on Twitter. Advocate, activist and political analyst Ishkaran Singh Bhandari is putting a lot of emphasis in taking this campaign forward. He applied for a government prepared that such country has approved the ‘halal certified, so should be given the certificate ontological foods Sanatana Dharma. He claimed that thousands of people had signed the application within hours of starting the campaign.
Demand based on article-14
The argument of the supporters of this campaign is that while Muslims can buy ‘halal certified’ goods of their choice, others should also get the right to buy their favourite food. The biggest thing is that this campaign also has the support of BJP’s senior leader Subramanian Swami. He had tweeted two days back supporting Ishkaran Singh Bhandari, “Halal Certified” was allowed by the government. Now Sanatan Dharma approves ‘Religious Certified’ for Satvik Food. In another tweet, he wrote, ‘Ishkaran has written to the Food Ministry that since Halal certificate is allowed, food items based on the norms of Sanatan Dharma should also be allowed’ religiously certified ‘. We have an example of the Chennai Police where a Hindu shop was sealed because it wrote that only ‘religious’ food. Article 14: Right to equality before law.
What is halal?
Halal is an Arabic word, which literally means ‘justified’. The term halal is broadly associated with nonways mines, which is not entirely true. However, it is true that what is not ‘halal’ is used in Islam as ‘illegitimate’. If you understand in market language, ‘Halal’ means the product which is according to Sharia (Islamic law) laws. That is, the product that is eligible for use under Islamic laws is only halal. Especially in the case of non-veg items, the product which is not prepared under the ‘halal’ rules, it is considered un-Islamic.
What is halal certification?
The entire shop is open for Halal certification in India. In this case it becomes necessary to mention an organization like Halal India which collects huge amount from companies only for ‘Halal Certified’ stampings. Because, without ‘Halal Certified’, the Muslims who converted this thing will not buy the product. A seal assures them that the product concerned is produced under Sharia laws and does not contain anything that is forbidden in Islam.
How does Halal India work?
Halal India has even set up a Sharia Board to check the ‘Halal Certified’, which checks whether the product is made according to Sharia laws. Nowadays apart from eating this certificate, medicines, cosmetics products are also being installed. Halal India also promotes that people buy goods from shops only after seeing ‘Halal Certified’. Halal India also claims adherence to international halal standards. Overall, it is purely a religious system.

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