(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Chitrakoot: In a village of Mau police station area in Chitrakoot district, a young man entered a teenager’s house and attempted rape. Failed to chew her finger. The boy ran away from the house after hitting the teenager. Girl’s father has filed a report against the accused. The police sent the young man to jail. The teenager reported that the parents were sleeping on the roof of the house on Tuesday night. She slept in the room below. Meanwhile, Sanjay Kumar of the village entered the house. He started attempting misdeeds. She tried to rescue. Failing it, she tried to shout. He chewed her finger on it.

Also, beat her up. Hearing the cry, the parents came down from the roof. He ran away threatening it there. On Wednesday morning, the teenager’s father filed a nominated report against the accused. Police Station in-charge Subhash Chauhan said that the case of molestation and assault was captured and arrested the accused. He was sent to jail.

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