An Indian woman is going to create history in America. Second Lieutenant Anmol Narang will make history today by becoming the first Sikh woman to receive a bachelor’s degree from the American Military Academy at West Point. By the way, Narang is born in America. Narang was raised in Rosewell, Georgia. She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology and then went to West Point, where she will pursue a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering on Saturday.

Anmol narang
Anmol narang

Narang wants to pursue a career in the air defense system
In a release issued by the ‘Sikh Coalition’, a New York-based NGO, Narang said, ‘I am very excited that my dream of graduating from West Point will be fulfilled. It is a matter of pride for me. The trust and support that my community has shown to me in Georgia mean a lot to me. I am overwhelmed that by reaching this goal, I am showing other Sikh Americans that it is possible for anyone to choose any path in their career. Officials said Narang will complete the Basic Officer Leadership course in Oklahoma and will then be sent for the first deployment to Okinawa, Japan in January.

Such opportunity after 218 years in US Army

This is going to happen after 218 years in an open-minded country like America. This is going to happen after 218 years in the history of the US Army when a non-American woman has got such a big post. It has not been seen in the last nearly 200 years. According to the report, Anmol Narang has broken the historic barricades of the US Army. According to a New York Times report, apartheid’s influence in the US military increased after 1925. Most of the rank of officer rank of the army began to be known to a particular class, due to which the domination of the same class increased at the lower level. This has been going on for almost a century‚Ķ.

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