(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Pilibhit, shopkeepers are taking several steps to spread awareness about the Corona epidemic. Under this, they attract the attention of the people by worn masks to the Statue kept in their shop.
In the fourth lockdown round in Pilibhit, gradually the market is starting to come back bright. But this time the shops are looking in a different color, or say that Pilibhit is ready to battle Corona once again.

The shopkeepers here have taken a unique initiative to create awareness among people about corona disease. Garments shops are standing statues wearing a mask, which are appealing and aware of the customers. When the photos of these shops are viral, the district authorities here tweet these photos. After tweeting the photos of the shops, there is a competition to make shoppers aware.

From Puranpur town of Pilibhit, a picture is being made to make people aware. Statue colored masks have been installed here at the clothes shops. On reaching the garment shop, the Statue is seen wearing colorful masks in front. Different types of masks are also hung. When the customer comes to the shop and if he is not wearing a mask, then seeing this, he is motivated to wear the mask. Not only this, but shopkeepers are also giving masks to customers for free.

The owner of a garment shop said that the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police are distributing masks themselves and action is being taken those who are not wearing a mask. In this fourth lockdown, we emphasized on masks. No one can come to a shop without a mask. Apart from this, masks are given free to the customer with clothes. We have made every color mask.
The shopkeeper is making similar efforts in another shop to create awareness about Corona. Every customer coming to the tractor parts shop is under investigation for corona infection. Their thermal screening is being done, after that, the goods are being sold to customers.

The shop owner said that tractor parts are sold at our shop. Most people come here from the village, so these arrangements have been made to protect them and themselves from Corona. All the incoming customers do thermal screening, machine installed to sanitize, and giving the mask to anyone who does not have a mask.

Pilibhit has defeated Corona even earlier. At present, there are 31 corona patients including two children at present. All 31 patients are migrants in the district. They have come from Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat. But the aware public here is fully prepared to deal with the corona in the fourth phase of the lockdown. In Pilibhit, different efforts have been made continuously to follow the lockdown. At the same time, District Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava and Superintendent of Police Abhishek Dixit are constantly distributing masks themselves. The District Magistrate tweets the social awareness and follow-up of the lockdown with his tweeter handheld, which increases the enthusiasm of the people.

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