(Kajal Singh intern journalist):
• A major initiative of a Muslim Jamaat has emerged in Maharashtra.
• After the son’s refusal, the Hindu person’s pyre was set on fire.
Amravati: A Muslim institution in Maharashtra has set an example of humanity by cremating the body of a Hindu. The deceased’s relatives refused to accept the body. After which Akola Kutchi Memon Jamaat took responsibility for the last rites.

According to reports, the 78-year-old Hindu man died on Saturday from a heart attack. When his son living in Nagpur was informed, he refused to accept the body and perform his last rites. Prashant Rajurkar, head of the Akola Municipality Corps Sanitation Department, said, “After the refusal of her son, Akola Kuchhi Memon Jamaat came forward.

On Saturday, Jamaat members set fire to the pyre at the crematorium. ” Amravati Divisional Commissioner Piyush Singh said that the wife of the deceased was admitted to the Akola Government Medical College Hospital on 23 May. On the evening of the same day, the hospital was informed that her husband had fallen into the house. After that, the ambulance was sent but by then he had died. ”

He said that on May 24, his wife’s report came to Corona positive. Javed Zakaria, the president of the Muslim body that cremated the Hindu person, told that his family members were unable to perform the last rites of the dead. He told that till now the funeral of 60 dead bodies has been done by his institution. 21 of them were patients of Covid-19 while 5 were Hindus.
During the whole process, their workers would wear funeral equipment and carry out the last rites.

Even on Sunday, his workers were wearing protective equipment while setting fire to the funeral pyre of a Hindu person. Rajurkar told that Rs 5000 was given for the last action.

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