(Milcah Anila, Intern Journalist) Vijayawada: UNICEF Says, gender equality means that women and men and girls and boys enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. Nevertheless, India is still a male-dominated society, women are often seen as subordinate and inferior to men.

In the patriarchal system, the patriarch or male was considered the head of the household and had the natural authority to make family decisions. Women are considered to be physically weaker than men.
Age-old traditions like Purdhaa, Sathi, dowry, child marriages obstructed the women to come out to society freely. As the women stepping out of the house, atrocities against them are drastically increasing.

It’s become common atrocities such as rapes, dowry deaths, and the most heinous honor killing. A kidnap for every 43 minutes, dowry burnt for 93 minutes, and rape for every 34 minutes, this shows the scenario of gender equality in India, western countries are better in this aspect.

We adore Saraswathi, Durga, Lakshmi as a goddess, but and rapes and atrocities are being done against girls with those names. Recently we heard about women empowerment, it is a fact that women empowerment should not be achieved until and unless gender equality can be attained.

To achieve gender Equality, should do such as -stop violence against women, Get Women into Power, Raise aspirants of girls and their Parents, Stop child Marriage and Sexual harassment, etc.,

Punishments against the atrocities should be rigorous and quick, the Nirbhaya Act and POSCO Act are some measures and we expect much more both in the formulation and implementation of acts as well.

When we empower women or girls, it contributes to the productivity of her family, community, or county as a whole. Of course, women are weak from a physical point of view but, that couldn’t stop India Gandhi, Margeret Thatcher, Sakuntala Devi, Angela Merkel, these are ‘she’ roes equally to heroes. Every girl should demand her equal share in society against humiliations.

Socrates said that once a girl is made equal to a man, women become his superior. We should treat heroes and her roes equally. There is an old saying that women can do everything except having a beard, it shows the capabilities of women, which proved as great engineers/doctors/ astronauts what not in everything. Women for cooking and men for managing affairs…are not written in any book. It’s a foolish mentality.

To have India, as a great civilized country, these shameful evils should be rooted out and honesty is a must to make women participate in the nation-building.

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