(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); Corona outbreak is going on in the whole country. Many changes have been seen in various sectors after lockdown. The major impact is being seen in small shops and large showrooms as well. Where mobile stores used to have a queue to buy smartphones, now those stores have become listened to. Mobile traders have also changed their work culture amid the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, fewer mobile brands are being seen in their stores and more spray machines and thermal screening machines are seen nowadays.

Traders say that their business has completely collapsed in the lockdown. The impact of the border dispute with China, along with the Corona epidemic, has started to appear in the market. Customers are definitely asking which country this mobile company belongs to. People are avoiding buying Made in China goods. When customers have made a distance from Made in China, then no new stock of mobile is being ordered. Rather, automatic spray and thermal screening machines are selling more than mobiles. Customers are shopping, seeing the indigenous brand in these machines.

Ravindra Goyal, the owner of Chaudhary Enterprises, one of the largest distributors in the city’s Ganj Bazaar, said that before the lockdown, his shop used to sell around three thousand mobiles of the Made in China brand every month. But now in three months, even there is no sale of hundred mobiles. In such a situation, not only customers are not buying mobile by seeing Made in China in the mobile brand. But people are showing preference in buying mobile phones made by the company of the US and Japan.

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