(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The epidemic in America has suddenly increased the unemployment rate. To reduce its impact and save jobs for American citizens, the Trump administration is considering suspending several employment visas, including H-1B visas. If these visas are suspended then it will have a huge impact on the IT professionals of India.

H-1B visa laws
H-1B visa laws

According to news, the suspension of the visa could be extended to a new fiscal year starting October 1. No one from outside the US will be able to work with H-1B visas during the suspension. However, the visa holders already residing will not be affected. White House spokeswoman Hogan Gidley said – no final decision has been taken yet. The administration is considering several proposals.

These visas may be suspended

H-1B – Visa given to special work employees

H-2B – Visa given to seasonal workers for non-agricultural work

J-1 – Visa for Medical and Business Trainees

L-1 – Visa on US transfer of employees of global companies

Will affect india

Except for H-2B visas, all other visas will be suspended. H-2B visas are especially useful for migrant laborers in Mexico. Every year in the US, 1 million employees come from other countries. US lawmakers said the unemployment rate is so high that there is no reason to grant visas to these employees.

What is H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is a non-migrant visa. American companies hire technical experts from other countries. After an appointment, H-1B visas are sought from the government for these people. Most US IT companies recruit millions of employees every year from countries like India and China through this visa. As per the rule, if the company of an H-1B visa holder has terminated the contract with him, he will have to find a job in the new company within 60 days to maintain the visa status. Indian IT workers are seeking to increase this 60-day period to 180 days. According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Indian citizens benefit the most from H-1B visas.

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