( Kajal Singh intern journalist):
Workers stranded in other states are returning to their states due to the Corona crisis. The biggest problem facing workers is employment. Workers are returning to Uttar Pradesh on a large scale. The state government has now started preparing a strategy to give employment to these workers in the state.

Actually, in this episode, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held a meeting with Team-11 on Saturday. CM Yogi planned to provide employment in villages and towns only through the Labour Reform Act, along with the safe return of workers in the meeting.
Also, instructions have been given to prepare skilling data in 20 lakh migrant laborer’s from outside. CM Yogi asked the officials to prepare a roadmap for providing 20 lakh jobs for workers and workers coming from outside states.
At the same time, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) of Uttar Pradesh, Avnish Kumar Awasthi said that the cabinet has decided to amend the labor law, the order will also be issued soon.

He said that the Chief Minister said that about 20 lakh workers coming from outside should be ensured to provide employment in various economic sectors. He said that talks are going on with those sectors that there are immediate employment opportunities.
Avnish Kumar said that Rs 641 crore has been disbursed in 56,696 units while taking the process of giving salary in industrial units. So far, 312 crores have been paid to 31 lakh 23 thousand workers.
At the same time, CM Yogi asked the officials to ensure proper health check-up for the workers who are returning from other states and to deploy the medical team at the quarantine centers. As soon as the quarantine period is completed, the government is arranging their employment and jobs.
Where will you get employment?
Workers should be linked to MNREGA, MSME, One District One Product (ODOP), Vishwakarma Samman Yojana, Women Self Help Groups, Food Processing Units, Cow Shelters, Milk Societies, and Plant Nurseries. Apart from MNREGA, brick kilns, employment is being provided in sugar mills and MSME sectors.
The UP government is engaged in strategizing on the business of readymade garments as well as perfumes, incense sticks, Agri products, food packaging, and cow-based agricultural products, flower-based products, compost fertilizers, etc.

Benefits of the labour reform law
The Yogi government said that the Labour Reform Laws are being introduced to give employment to all. Labour reforms will benefit the workers and workers immensely, the possibilities of employment generation will increase, and UP’s economy will also run faster.
In labour reform, every laborer will get a guarantee of a minimum salary of Rs 15 thousand along with employment. Labour reform law will be applicable to new recruits in new units as well as old units.
Along with the workers, a strategy is being chalked out to create employment through women’s self-help groups. Security will be guaranteed for women workers under the Women Safety Act.

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